Women, Super Heroes or Nah?


So the other night while I was bored, I decided to watch the movie War Room. For some when it came out it didn’t interest me. I couldn’t put my finger on why I didn’t want to go see it, having Christian beliefs and all. Maybe it’s the price of how much movies cost these days, so I only go when a trailer makes me excited. I’m not sure, but I didn’t go see it in the movies nonetheless. What it did do while watching it made me curious to understand the plot for the movie, which was for the woman to be the Prayer Warrior for her household. That made me irritated to see. It made me think, “why does the woman have to be everything to her family from cook, to disciplinarian, school teacher, bill payer AND the main person that prays over her family? Being brought up in a Christian household and having to go to church since I could even talk, I was always taught that the man was the “covering” for his house.  He was the protector and provider; shouldn’t they both be prayer warriors and share in this responsibility?

I know this post is going to hit close to feminist beliefs, and I am not calling myself that by any chance, but it really bugs me that society puts so much pressure on women to do it All. In a country that didn’t even give women their rights to be considered a person until 1920….(mmm side eye).  Now we are supposed to take on our previous duties as wife, mother, laundry person, dish washer, school teacher to our children, lover to our husbands and now we have even more duties added on: college graduate, employee to someone to help bring in the bacon, chauffeur to our kids and their friends, have the ability to maintain friendships so that we don’t go crazy, and now added to the list, Prayer Warrior. I mean dang, after a full day of work, possibly going to school,  taking care of our households and our man (mentally, physically and sexually), and we gotta have prayer closets and be the glue that holds our families together spiritually. What exactly are men’s responsibilities again?

What happened to marrying men who are equally yoked in all things including his spiritual life? I don’t know about anyone else, but I need a man that knows how to cover his family in prayer too. I’m not saying you have to marry a preacher or even a deacon, but just a man that knows how to have a conversation with God on your behalf, for himself and for his family. Unlike this woman in the movie I’m not sure if I can be with someone who doesn’t have a spiritual component to his life.

I know life is so different these days and the word prayer is being replaced with speaking affirmations or speaking positive things to the universe or sending positive vibes and energy for someone. I agree with all of that. Whatever word people want to use I need someone who’s going to always do that for me, have my back in not just the physical, but in the spiritual sense as well, and not just when the going gets tough, but ALL the time.

I don’t want to totally knock the movie, it had a good concept and it was good to see a movie about family which is rare these days. I also appreciated them showing the father/husband praying as well (after he lost his job). I just felt so badly for the mother/wife that she had so much on her plate already, her husband wasn’t treating her right or even paying attention to her, then having to turn into this prayer warrior for her family as well. I think it brought a sore spot to life for me because I see a lot of my married and single friends in relationships having to do it all. They are always so tired, can rarely get time away from their duties because they have to ask their husband’s/boyfriends can they babysit their own children, and when they do get a couple of hours away from their families they get calls interrupting asking when will they be back home. My question is and has been for a while, what exactly are the man’s responsibilities in a marriage/relationship/family again? Men have it so damn good!

Sip Sip..

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