May 28, 2014

An interviews with host Nesheba. ESpiritE Radio7 is a Division of Essential Spirit Enterprises. Consulting Company. ESpiritE Radio7 core vision reflects Inspiration & Spirituality. This vision is fused throughout topics such as Business, Entrepreneurs, Indie Artist, Spoken Word, Poets, Community, Technology, News and more. Music Genres like Inspirational, Gospel, Christian Hip Hop, Smooth Jazz, Jazz, Neo Soul, R&B,New Age, World Music. ESpiritE Radio7 streams from an array of venues, i.e. iTunes…

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Welcome, Peace & Blessing to An Howard of An Howard Publishing.  “ESpiritE-Radio7” has been humbled & blessed over the years to enjoy gifts from God like An Howard.  People who have been called, anointed to share their gifts of inspiration, encouragement, and love…

Nesheba of ESpiritE-Radio7 will continue delivering guests we’re humble to share with you including People who enjoy Inspiring, Encouraging, Enlightening others as  we  spread Agape’ Love & Healing around the world…

Indie Artists, Spoken Word, Poets, Author’s, Education, Entrepreneurs, and so much more…

So, sit back relax have a cup of coffee, tea, or wine, and enjoy the journey as we continue to evolve…

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May, 2014

BPC All Access does an exclusive live in-studio interview with An Howard. Video and write-up to come. But for now you can enjoy the photos that were taken…

You can check out BPC and all that they do @

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February 1, 2014

An interviews with Susan Poetess of The Butterfly Effect. This was certainly an interesting interview. A listener called in and sang a piece of a Jill Scott song (totally random and threw us both off), and then he did his spoken word piece. You just never know what you are going to get on blogtalk radio! Susan was really cool and down to earth and she is a poet and spoken word artist herself.

Click on the link if you missed the interview

The Butterfly Effect


Welcome to the Butterfly Effect Radio Network. I am your host Random, the founder and CEO. The Butterfly Effect is a great example of how your everyday actions can make a difference for generations to come. I thinkread more



May 5, 2013

An Howard interviews with Tracy Powell of Conscious Groove on WXRP Radio. Tracy is a poet and spoken word artist herself, so she greatly enjoys listening and exposing other creative minds to the world! Listen to her show every Sunday 4pm PST.

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December 2012

Featured An Howard in their December Edition of their online magazine:

An Howard is a poet, author, and mentor who has been expressing herself and finding her voice since the age of eight years old when she first began to write poetry. Now as a prolific writer, she describes herself as a “butterfly emerging from its cocoon”. After feeling sheltered and hiding her thoughts for so long, An decided that it was time for her “cotillion” to debut her poetry to readers in a meaningful way that would not only continue to give her freedom of expression but also help others to experience the same. An’s latest book, Whispers of Words Spoken, a collection of poems that she has written over the years showcasing her personal evolution, gives us an intimate view into the heart, soul, and emotions, of this multi-faceted writer.

Whisper of Words Spoken was an idea initially conceived at the end of 2011 when An began to listen to her own inner voice asking her what she planned to do with all the work she had written. The book was released earlier this year and An says that it was her “Just go ahead and do it” attitude that made the process so quick and seamless.

An credits much of her success to her supportive family and inspiring school teachers who helped her to stay encouraged and excited about writing, two very important factors that are often non-existent in many children’s lives. She reminds us that this was “back when teachers gave their all to kids”. An remembers, “My elementary teachers encouraged us to read, and of course my parents and the rest of my family”. An now pays it forward by mentoring children who lack that type of encouragement in their own environments, as well as giving her own daughter, who is now following in her footsteps, the benefit of that same nurturing experience. An shares that mentoring children is something she will continue to do throughout her life and that her natural compassion for all people is the driving force behind her success as a mentor.

As an African-American writer who has accomplished a so much in such a small time period, An says that though people are always making you aware that you are a minority, she doesn’t focus on that aspect of herself when she is writing. Her main focus is to touch everyone who chooses to read her work. She admits that “as an African-American, you’re always aware of your race because you are made to be aware” but affirms that her poetry is written for all people because everyone has feelings and this is something we all have in common. As An puts it so clearly, “Words don’t have a color…yes I am a Black woman, but I am a person overall”.

2012 continues to be a busy year for An who is also founder of An Howard Publishing, a writing and editing company. With Whispers of Words Spoken on the shelves at Barnes and Noble in her home town of Las Vegas, a novel in progress, and possible plans to write a children’s book, An discusses future plans of starting her own mentorship program. An laughs, “When this butterfly becomes a rich butterfly, I plan to start my own mentorship program for girls because I have a passion for mentoring girls. In my community there are a lot of girls who need mentoring because they are not getting what they need from home.”

As An continues to enjoy the success of Whispers of Words Spoken, she leaves us with a reminder that “I write in general. I have a section of the book called Poems in General. They are for everyone. I have friends of all races and they all support me and tell me how the poems in the book have touched them”. An continues, “I do have my Afrocentric moments where I want to get into that feeling of expressing what it is to be Black….” And it is this feeling that she shares with Africlectists in her poem Who Am I?

Written By: Kimberly Smith (Isis Awakened)


August 30, 2012 @2-3:30PM EST

Word of Mom Radio

Author An Howard Visits Word of Mom Radio

by Word of Mom Radio

Word of Mom Radio ~ sharing the wisdom of women.
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July 31, 2012 @8am PST 

An Howard: Whispers of Words Spoken

by Best People We Know

Tune in to the blog talk radio show: The Best People We  Know Show  with Author Deb Scott as she interviews An Howard. Click the link below to hear the interview.

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June 20, 2012

An Howard was featured on the Amber Malise Show on Amber is a local radio talent in Las Vegas at KCEP FM 88.  You can click on the link below to get to the show then search for the 6-20-12 date to hear the interview. You can fast forward to the 25 minute mark if you would like to get right to the interview.

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May 30th from 3pm-4pm PST

Justified Madness w/ JWan Yvette

Tune in to The J’Wan Yvette show on blogtalkradio. Click the link below to hear the interview with An Howard.

Artist Spotlight Tuesdays at 6PM ET – I feature a notable or upcoming artist in the music industry. My ears don’t discriminate I love all music and will love to showcase it all on my show. Spoken Word Wednesdays at …read more


May 21, 2012 from 3pm-3:45pm PST

Tune in to It’s All About You blogtalk radio show.  Click the link below to hear the archived interview.  An Howard will be talking to these two very positive, and inspiring hosts about her inspirations, life and what keeps her moving!

Its All About You

This show is about building global prosperity through creativity and inspiration. To create the life we want with the right attitude, a proper thought system, and inspired action. To discover new ways to develop human …read more


May 22, 2012 from Noon-1pm PST

Tune in to Jackson Truth Radio from as Siggy Jackson, son of Jackie Jackson of the Jackson 5 interviews An Howard in LA about her book dropping, upcoming projects, and business ventures!

Click the link below to hear the archived interview, search for 5/22/12

Jackson Truth Radio

SIGGY JACKSON Siggy "Dealz" JacksonSiggy “Dealz” Jacksonis the son of Jackie Jackson the eldest Member of the legendary group the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons.Jackson Truth Radio will allow callers from around the world to call in and ask questions regarding the world’s most famous musical family. There will also be in studio interviews featuring many of the Jackson family members from all generations!New music from the family including the Jacksons, Dealz, 3T, Austin Brown, Genevieve Jackson and more will be played and featured on this channel.There will be in studio interviews with other celebrities and independent recording artists trying to break into the industry.

Siggy Jackson talks with An Howard after her live radio interview about her book, Whispers of Words Spoken


May 23, 2012 from 8pm-8:30pm PST

Tune in to the Jaye Spot blogtalk radio to hear An Howard being interviewed.

Click the link below to hear the archived interview


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                      May 24th, 2012 From 6:30-8:30p.m. PST

Tune in as Author Souraya Christine interviews Author An Howard, Publicist Lauren Brooks, Author Mia Heinzleman, and Business Owner Julia Thomas. They will whisper their spoken wisdom about their businesses, their books, and all of their upcoming projects. The theme is taken from An Howard’s new book Whispers of Words Spoken.

Click on the link below to hear this archived interview, search for the date 5/24/12 if it doesn’t take you directly to it…  Title: Women Speaking Wisdom


March 8, 2012 at 7pm PST as Souraya interviewed An Howard of “An Howard Publishing”, Author Cynthia Evans about her new book Voices of Cyn, and Author Tiffany L. Warren about her new bookon blogtalk radio.

This show will engage women in their quest for strength, love, self-worth, confidence, and joy. We will support and lift each other along the way.
*If you missed the show you can still listen to it in the archives.

YOU’RE INVITED!! An Howard’s 1st Book signing for Whispers of Words Spoken

June 2, 2012-  At Barnes and Noble

From 4-6p.m. Best on the Boulevard 3860 Maryland Pkwy

Come spend a day at the lodge at Mt. Charleston March 10, 2012 for some fun, food, conversation, entertainment & great people! I will be reading a couple of poems! Tickets are on sale now or purchase at the door.

3rd Annual Winter Networking Weekend celebrating Black Love…past present future

VGMG Presents… Love & Happiness 2012 As we celebrate… PAST PRESENT FUTURE of relationships The Emotional Stability and Instability of Love…Sex & Love…Relationship Rules…Marriage…open relationships vs solid commitments. Could you be in an open relationship and just don’t know…













In the 5th issue of  B.O.S.S. e-magazine,  an educational magazine that caters to minority youththey featured an article written by An Howard of An Howard Publishing regarding the importance of getting and having an education. The article is on page 52-53.


You can read the article below that was written about An Howard and to read the interview that was done click the link below…

 Saturday, April 28, 2012


An Howard is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a parent to a 17 year old daughter who is on the road to her own success with a GPA of 3.9. She graduated from Las Vegas High School  where she went on to earn 3 Associate degrees from CCSN. One of her degrees is in Paralegal Studies because she once had aspirations to be an attorney, until she worked with them for several years and quickly realized she didn’t want the stressed life they lived. Now she is back in school, and currently in her Senior year studying Psychology. She plans to continue her education to earn a Ph.D in Psychology as well. An is a Christian and raises her daughter on the same Christian foundations that her parents raised her on. She is a member of a local church where she volunteers her time with the youth department, mentors an all girl middle school enrichment group, and is also a part of Toastmasters International working towards leadership goals and becoming an effective communicator. Besides being a single parent to a teenager, working full time, volunteering, and attending school, Ms. Howard also finds time for her true passion which is writing. She has been writing since elementary school, and if she’s not doing that then she’s reading. She also enjoys spending time with family, friends, eating out, and vacationing. In 2008 she started her website where she displays her poetry and other articles that she has written. In November of 2010 she decided to take her passion further, and started her own business, An Howard Publishing which is an editing and writing service. Whispers of Words Spoken Poetry Collection is her first of many books to be published. Be on the lookout for more from the desk of An Howard.




Featured by on Pinterest:

An Howard is a Native of Las Vegas, student, writer, poet, editer and entrepreneur. We invite you to visit her website and check out her new guest writer on Article called Possibilities of Love #writer #love #blog #poetry.


The Jaye Spot

A place for real views, stories & experiences all from real people…

Spotlight Feature

AUGUST Spotlight Feature: An Howard

President and CEO of An Howard Publishing, An Howard is more than just a beautiful face and a few poems.  With the launching of her book Whispers Of Words Spoken: A Collection of Poetry by An Howard, An has traveled across the country promoting her book of poetry and gaining notable speed in the writing arena of published authors.  Having done countless interviews and signings as well as being named a modern-day Maya Angelou, An continues to touch the world with words that are real, raw and necessary.

With her book going from shelves to homes from bookstores across America An’s publishing company is also booming.  Providing a plethora of writing, editing, and notary services, An Howard is definitely one to watch out for.  Check out the links below to keep up with An Howard and An Howard Publishing.