It’s Called…     

It’s sweet as a ripe tangerine
hanging from a branch from it’s tree.
It’s as simple as white linen dancing on a line in the summer breeze.
It speaks boldly, assure of itself
Not needing assurance from anyone else.
It moves you to want to do better.
It even gets clever at times when it wants to express how it really feels.
It’s presentation is beautiful, showing differently with each heart beat
It endures and it’s never defeated.
It smiles brightly in the morning sun,
and winks when the moon rises and the day is gone.
It laughs often because it’s never upset
So many times it’s power is easy to forget.
The fragrance of it’s soul is like a mere rose, whose petals never fall off.
It keeps breathing through thick and thin
It never fails, but always wins.
It’s unconditional, simply irresistible, unselfish and gives it’s all,
never wanting to fall.
It puts its full trust in you
making you want to trust it too.
It listens like an old oak tree
never moving by what you say to it,
giving back its wisdom in its silence.
It forgets all wrongs and forgives all pains.
It’s unwavering kindness washes like the rain.
Peaceful and pure like a dove
This wonderful thing… it’s called LOVE!

An Howard


Exit Stage Left

The road to nothingness wasn’t apparent at first
With the story being told that they would someday be together.
That day was never going to happen, but she was the fool who believed in love.
A love that she thought was so electric which was the reason the two could never part.
Not knowing that he shared that same electricity with other women and she was merely a scene from his movie.
She was never the main character or even a reoccurring actress who would be cast another great role.
From the lies that he read so well from his script she couldn’t tell when he was acting or when he was being real.
He never said he wanted to be a movie star, but as she found herself wound up in all of his different characters she no longer knew the difference between being on stage with him and being present in real life.
To her, he was her life, her real world and not just a figment of her mind.
She breathed his air and imagined the life they would live.
She took in every line and scene as he spoke and led her to believe in him.
Little did she know she was not written into any future scripts.
He wrote her in as a perfect person in which she was not, and when she fell short by life’s realities each time he would cast a new woman to play her part.
This always broke her heart.
She was used to it, breaking and being mended back together time & time again because he was so good at his speaking lines.
After all, one of his characters was a sales person, selling his tongue to convince other women that he was the one for them too.
So many faces like a Gemini, which one do you believe or which two?
One day another man came on the set who was not an actor and swore off fake characters
He was just passing by and saw what looked like a movie.
He saw her, she did not have the lead role, but he knew she was a star in her own right.
He told her this and promised there would be no lines or any fake scenes in his life.
She would have the lead role, be the main character and the love of his life.
So she contemplated leaving this other role that she had been cast for almost 3 years, it was no longer satisfying nor was it paying any of  her bills.
One day she handed the one she thought was the love of her life her walking papers and she fired herself from her own pathetic side role.
She told him she had been cast as the lead in a better movie called Real Life and this man was going to love her all the way to her soul.
She exited stage left not knowing what her future held, but she finally was able to be real with love and loved the way that it felt.
The show was finally over.
No more smiles just for the camera,
Or just to get by
they wore her each day now as natural as the sun rising and kissing the sky.

An Howard


Closer Than Ever

My dreams used to seem so far away
so unreachable,
almost unobtainable,
but now they seem closer than ever.
Right at my fingertips…
all I have to do is reach for the impossible
and grab what is waiting for me.
No one understands my story or
what I’ve been through to get here.
I can taste sweet success and victory
Now that I’m closer than ever.
The pain I endured to get to this point
seems so minute, so small in comparison
to what’s about to happen.
My past all seems well worth it,
but I can’t forget it
because it is what has made me

Closer than ever.

Just a few more tears that I may have to drop
just a few more…
to get to my God given spot.
Hurt and suffering I’ve had to overcome.
I may have some more hurt before I win this war,
but I know that each trial will make me

Closer than ever…

to who I want to be
to whom I’m supposed to become.
Because closer than ever is where I will become.

An Howard


Just A Sip

I love the way u take me in as if I was fine wine,

slowly u sip me up and grab my behind.

You eat me up as if u were hungry,

so I feed you all of me

and intensely you give me all of thee

…every inch, and you reach my every curve

with the sweet whispers of every verb

you enunciate into me.

You take your time

and let time unwind naturally

as we enjoy each other physically and even emotionally.
An Howard


My Words

Sometimes my words are all that I have

in this empty place called life.

I use them to express my happiness

or my strife.

No one has to understand them but me

because my words, they are me.

Depending on the day

you just never know what I might say.

Sometimes my words are funny and full of joy,

and other times they are full of

anger that I need to deploy.

Whatever the mood or day

My words help me express what

I need to say.

because my words, they are me.

Sometimes I’m speechless verbally,

but best believe that I’m writing

something down in my head silently.

Never a dull moment with my words

that’s for sure…

I’m either saying something I shouldn’t be

or having people wanting to hear more.

because my words, they are me.

Whether my pen is to a pad

or my fingers to a keyboard

my thoughts turn to words

helping me to move from the past forward

My words, they are going to lead me

to who I will be

They are going to open up doors

and plenty of opportunities

guiding me to my purpose and destiny

because these words, my words, they are me!

An Howard


Figment of My Imagination  

I used to be in love with a figment of my imagination

A silhouette so perfect, but it was only in my consciousness

Someone that all of my hopes and dreams had swallowed up and created,

but to know it wasn’t real was too hard to face

So I kept envisioning that this someone was tangible and would prove me right one day.

I disguised this being as if I had drawn him myself.

He had the characteristics of the man of every woman’s dreams.

Like an imaginary friend this figment was all that I needed.

Until he showed himself true,

and out of the blue

I realized the life I had been living with my fantasy was what I really wanted,

but one he could never deliver.

I was in love with something in my mind,

nevertheless it still hurt when I had to end it because he was definitely one of a kind.

You’re not who I thought you were or who I thought you could be,

you were a creation that was made up to me.

In my subconscious, I will always love him,

but his validity will never be proven true.

Because he was just a figment of my imagination…so sad, but true.

An Howard


Unsettled Feelings in the Sky

As the plane flies in over the city
You head back to your life.
One, you really aren’t too interested in.
The lights below indicate that someone
lives down below
and you wish it wasn’t you.
The cars look like ants going to and fro,
a constant traffic of life happening.
How you wish the traffic in your life would land itself
on another tarmac,
in a different time zone.
Then how long would it be until
you wanted to leave that place?
Your life seems like such an unsettled mess,
and the question you ask yourself,
how do you settle something that you’re not sure
you even want to be a part of?
To be a part of something such as life
which is so big,
and you feel so minute, so unimportant in the larger
scheme of things.
If you weren’t on this plane coming back
to a place called home
would anyone even notice?
In a world where everyone is so easily replaceable
Does anyone even matter?
At the time you think they do,
but when they don’t show up
you just find someone
to take their role in your life
filling up that space
as the missing person once did.
The plane’s tires finally touch down
You feel the rubber hit the pavement
with it, so does your hope
of not being here, at this place, at this time.
But you go on, just like you once did
with the same unsettled feelings you had in the sky.

An Howard



The Summer’s sun has brightened my days

Just enough to forget about you,

But not long enough to stop loving you.

Now the Fall is nearing and the leaves will fall,

And so will my tears if I don’t receive a call from you.

The phrase, “time heals all wounds”, I pray to be true

Because this time I don’t think I can live without you.

Winter will be the hardest, as the snow leaks from the sky and covers the ground.

Reminding me of how your body used to cover me.

The birds will no longer chirp, and the wind will whirl

And I will snuggle up alone remembering when I was your girl.

The seasons will change, and life will keep going,

I will be aware of that change because I just can’t seem to get past the season of you.

An Howard



Breathing is essential to living
If you are not breathing, then you are dying,
this then leads to death.
I once died, but my master who created me
brought me back and refurbished me.
He took what was old in me and used it for my destiny…
Predestined me is what He did.
He used the pain that I’ve endured to show me that I can live.
He told me that without the storm there would be no rain,
and without the hurt there would be no gain.
To be refurbished you have to be taken apart
you have to lie exposed so that He can see your heart.
All that you’ve kept hidden will be right there under the light
waiting for the critics to judge you
like they are so right,
but He is the great orchestrator of our souls
who wants to refurbish us to make us whole.
So refurbish, renew, re-do, remake
I know in me he made no mistakes.
Go ahead Lord and refurbish me
reclaim my mind, so that I can be free…
from the bondage the enemy has placed me in
This is a spiritual war between good and evil
and I want the Lord to win.
So please refurbish me.
An Howard



Anonymously you tell me you love me
but you don’t even know me
if you don’t even know me?
In a letter sent USPS
sittin on my desk
you spill your most inner thoughts about me.
You tell me who I am,
but yet I don’t know who you are.
You say that you knew you would love me
from the first time we met,
you love the way I smile,
and the way my nose crinkles up
when there’s something I don’t get.
You love how passionate I am
about the issues that matter most to me.
You love that I’d rather write than sit
for hours and watch TV.
I pause and wonder who you are
who could this possibly be,
and how do you know so much about me?
I continue to read, and you go on to tell me
how beautiful you think I am,
and how much you would love one day
if you could be my man.
I then begin to look around
to see if this is a joke.
Who would write such nice things in an anonymous note?
You continue to share with me how much you know about me,
my likes and dislikes and even some of my dreams.
Usually I would find this kind of thing a little weird,
but somehow I find your letter quite flattering.
You say that you can’t understand why
I’m with this other guy.
When he can’t do anything for me, but continue to lie.
And all you would do is love me continuously.
You don’t want to interfere, you’d rather win me
fair and square.
So in the background you will stay
anonymously loving me every day.
Signed, The Creator of Your Life

An Howard


Prayer for Haiti -2010

Dear God we need you, there’s been another tragedy in the land
a land that was already poor and forgotten by most man.
It took seconds for the quake to hit,
seconds for lives to end,
but you are more mighty than the water and the wind.
So we know you will build Haiti up again.
Rubble and rock fell hard to the ground.
People were living and laughing one moment,
but now they are nowhere to be found.
We’re asking you Lord to look upon Haiti right now.
Let your grace and mercy from heaven come down.
Bless and heal the lives that were saved,
and let your touch be felt even by the ones now in their grave.
Our tears fall here in America
our hearts reach out across the North Atlantic
we all wish we could be there to help calm some of the panic.
Many are asking why,
but you are sovereign and need not reply.
You spoke of these types of disasters to come
but do we listen, No we’re too busy having fun.
We hear you Lord, now more than ever
from the tsunami’s to the levees breaking, and now the
calamity in Haiti were the ground was shaking.
So many have died God,
so many are still lost.
Many are so desperate to find their loved ones
they’ll pay any cost
Bring us, your people together
to help this havoc stricken place
Bless us to donate money, our prayers, and plant compassion upon our face.
Lord we thank you in advance, for the things we know you are going to do.
bringing love, hope and faith back to people and for helping Haiti too.

An Howard


Beauty From Ashes

From amongst her beauty/Came the ashes of despair/All the things that tried to break her and take her there.
Like the dark charcoal that lied on the ground/This was beauty that came from her ashes/ and inside her, a woman was found.
Once dark like night/Her soul cried out/Beige then crept in/then there was the white light again.
It took pain to get her there/hurt to make her care/Ashes to unveil her pride/Beauty was the last thing hiding inside.
Beauty rises from pain/like the hot air balloon in the sky/It takes so much fire to get it to rise that high.
You ask what is my beauty?/It’s all of my qualities/It’s becoming the woman God said I was/and who He said I was destined to be.
Ashes are like the dust left behind/They are hard, crisp, and burnt/They are anger, bitterness, and resentment/From these ashes I have learned.
I’ve learned that deep inside even the beautiful cry/Pain can run deep/But just like these ashes/Pain and hurt don’t always mean defeat.
My beauty rose from my ashes/It was the crumbs I left behind/because of this I have learned to be a woman/Not just for now, but a woman for a lifetime!

An Howard

In the Meantime

So in this thing called dating
you always have that main person you want, but can’t have right now
due to a situation that they’re in or you’re waiting on them to get right
or to change careers or get their degree or just be the person you know they can be
or more like, who you want them to be because you see their potential….
So in the meantime you have others
who you play with or let take you out, wine you and dine you,
but you know ultimately that is not the person you
see yourself walking down the aisle with…
We’ll call that person the “meantime” man or woman.
You don’t see yourself with this person
because in your mind you have already imagined your life
with the Main One you’re waiting on…
In the meantime, Mr. or Ms. Meantime fulfills you just enough
that you’re not lonely, they satisfy the obvious needs,
but not that deep satisfaction of love that you crave and want
So what do you do?
Is it even right to sit around and wait for somebody that is basically not the person for you?…
I mean think about it…
God is not a God of mistakes or confusion, so if that Main One is really for you
You wouldn’t need to wait for them to change or get their situation in order
God will bring them to you correct from the start, knowing your every need and desire.
Even if they aren’t everything, they will be once God is done growing them
or He will change you to believe that they are everything you need…
By you waiting for that Main One to get right what you’re essentially saying
is that the Main One is not who want them to be “yet”, which in hinds sight
means maybe that person is not for you at all…
Who knows when that “yet” will ever come or if it will…
So waiting on that person would be a mistake because if they only get right for you and not themselves they will never live up to that potential that you thought you saw
and wanted them to have so badly.
And If the Main One is in a situation that causes the two of you not be together
then that is definitely confusion that God wouldn’t have brought you to,
which will continue to brew and show itself throughout your relationship…
So maybe Mr. or Ms. Meantime is right on time, and you just need to give them a chance
We may have overlooked the great qualities that person has because we had our eyes set
on a different prize…being that Main One, but if they’ve stuck around and let
you use them which they knew you were doing all along, but were fine with it because
they were happy just to have a piece of you, then perhaps you should take a second look
at Mr. or Ms. Meantime…
That may be the person who loves you the deepest, the person who would do anything for you, the person who sees and knows that you aren’t perfect, but they don’t need to wait
for you to get right because they love you just as you are…
Could it be, that they were the Main One you’ve been waiting for all along???

An Howard


*This is dedicated to the guys who think they are players…watch out, it can be turned around on you!

Heavy Rotation

Disk one through six
which slot do you have me in?
Heavy rotation
is what you got me in…
with all of your girls that you say are just friends
Friends they are not
because in their mind they think they
are in your number one slot…
Which is what I thought
until I peeped game on you
You can’t play a real woman boo
I know all about rotation,
and how you out there chasin
trying to put every cute bootey into
your heavy rotation.
What are you a disk changer?
Ready to flip a new disk in
every chance you get
please that’s so pathetic
I can’t stand to think…
how many new disks you put into
rotation within a week.
Can we say nasty…
I mean that’s not even classy.
Have some dignity,
and not to mention integrity
Being a hoe is not cute, not even for a man to me.
You demand respect, but that you have to earn
It doesn’t come for free.
Heavy rotation
got you complacent
not trying to strive for more
just wanna be a man whore
Two days a week your skipping through disk
One through four
The other days you slip in five and six
And have the nerves to call women tricks,
But I have a trick for you…
You wanna have me in rotation
There’s some new guys in my face
that are doing some heavy flirtation.
Let’s see how you like it when
Your disk two
Puts you into rotation…
Yeah that’s what I thought
Now who has the frustration?
Cus you’ve just been put into my heavy rotation

An Howard


Who Am I?

Who am I, you ask?

I’m the future, the present and you’re past.

I’m that little black girl

that you said would never make it

I’m the one who you didn’t want your sons to look at

because you just couldn’t take it…

If he chose a black girl to be with, that is

with my chocolate skin, my perfect thick lips,

and oh yes my curvy, child bearing hips.

You tried to hold me down in my past, but my present stood

up and said, “Free At Last, Free At Last.”

Now I have the right to vote, and can make more money

than you.

A phenomenal woman I’ve become says a black Professor

named Maya Angelou.

I know you sit back in awe

wondering how did this get so out of control

The mother land you took me from, but my future you did not hold.

Who Am I, you ask?

Just look around, I’m everywhere now,

and if you don’t see one of me, I will soon be in your town.

I’m now the 44th president’s wife, I’m a writer, a lawyer

and even own my own business, despite my strife…

That I’ve endured,

and the pain that your foot caused on my back.

Yes, you guessed it…I AM BLACK!

A black woman that is, no longer your mistress or your

maid, unless I choose,

but this educated, beautiful black

woman you can no longer abuse.

Who Am I, you ask?

I am all that you want your wives to be,

I’m the one they go tan to be dark like,

then have the nerve to critique me.

You get botox in your skin because I age so well

looking like I’m 30, but actually 50, you can’t even tell.

Is that collagen injected in your lips? Let me guess, soon

you’ll want my figure too, and inject that it into your hips.

A black woman you’ve held down for so long,

but want to be so much like.

What is it about me, that you love so much, but say you dislike?

Who Am I, you ask?…

I’m that little black girl

that you didn’t want your daughter to play with,

but now little Chrissy is chasing all the black men,

and white men she just doesn’t deal with.

You see how Hate doesn’t pay,

it always comes back around,

now you have little grandbabies that are light chocolate brown.

When will you realize God put us here in a rainbow of colors.

Now that I will be 1st lady perhaps we can all be sisters and brothers.

Who Am I, you ask?

Why is that still the question…

Just read over my words again because I just gave you your daily lesson.

An Howard


Featured Guest Poet is Accomplished Author Untamed:

Hailing from Albany, GA, Kreceda Tyler writing under the pseudonym, Untamed is a multi-genre fiction author who began her writing journey at thirteen years old with poetry, spoken word and short stories. She’s received many accolades for her writing ability to include the Coca-Cola Young Writers Award and honorable mention in the Sandhills Writers’ Conference.

In 2012, Untamed released her debut novel entitled, Never Again…No More through One Karma Publishing to rave reviews. Untamed’s work has been featured in several print ads, newspapers and magazine features.

Since that time, Untamed penned her second novel entitled, Never Again…No More II: Getting Back to Me in July 2013, which broke into the Amazon Top 100 for Literature- Fiction & Plays US becoming an official Amazon Bestseller. Currently, Untamed has re-released her both her first and second books and has two more books scheduled for release in 2014. In 2015, she plans to release a poetry book that is near and dear to her heart. It is a collection of poems dedicated to her daughter.

Writing is truly a passion for Untamed and it is her hope that her writing will fulfill her purpose to touch lives, encourage growth and give a voice to the voiceless. She currently resides in Georgia with her husband and three children.


W.E.B. Dubois once said, a system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect

I don’t think he understood that those words years later would be more correct

Looking at how far we’ve come it seems that we forget

Just how far we’ve come

We’re upset at the police for their neglect

Yet, we neglect the same kids we ask the system to protect.

We miss every opportunity to truly make a change

Because the lives of others is not that high on our price range

Tell me…how much does self-respect and dignity cost

When everyday another father or son is being lost

We beat and degrade our women then get mad when we see authority figures do the same

And I ain’t saying they don’t carry any blame

But why would they care if we can’t do the same?

We’ve traded our beliefs and morals

For fifteen seconds of ratchet fame and a false sense of importance from people who claim to adore us

We’ve lost touch with ourselves and all the power we can attract

But who cares just so long as that NBA contract stays in tact

We used to stand together in peaceful protest

And that’s the reason the world and the authorities was afraid to test us

But now we’re so torn apart by six degrees of separation

That our voices aren’t heard because they know we only represent a small fraction

Or a bite size portion

Of a dying breed

So justice will never get served if it depended on just one, two or three

And of the three, two are side eye glancing thinking well how did this really affect me?

The benefits of freedom just doesn’t seem all that free to me

It’s about all of us yet systematically…we forget that

And want a system that was never designed for us

To protect us

Until we make a stand to say the amount of dollars just don’t make sense

There will never be any penitence

For the way we are mistreated and killed

We have to use legislation to send a message to our nation

That are children are not for sale

Until we get tired of paying bail

Or get tired of giving money to the ones who hold the power

Our families will continue to be devoured

Until your son becomes my son…

We’ll continue to see our son’s hands up, starring down the barrel of gun.

Written By:  UNTAMED  in August 2014

Contact Info: 










August 2014

Delicate Flower

The Spoken Word Artist for this month is Jahi Trotter. Atlanta, Georgia born but raised in Mobile, AL. He is a recent graduate from Troy University with a major in Social Science, and will be attending Georgia State University in January 2015 for his Masters degree in Film. He writes and performs spoken word poetry and also writes, produces, acts, and directs short films and documentaries. A man of many talents. Enjoy!

Follow Jahi on: Youtube Channel: Jahi89  Twitter: @JT_SPoiledMindz   Facebook: Jahi Trotter  Instagram: jt_spoiledmindz


May 2014


I always find myself reminiscing about you

Your smell, your touch, you laugh, everything that you do

It has been too long since you have been here laying down next to me

Life is a different beast when you lose the one who was meant to be

Long talks about nothing, fighting, the screaming, and cussing are no long there,

I am lost between breathing and gasping for air

But You, were the reason why my heartbeat, But You, were the reason I stayed off the streets

And, Well… You, were the reason why I always bought extra sheets

But Me, I was the reason you cried, But Me, I was the reason you wanted to die,

And, Well…. Me, I wasn’t you truth, I was your lies

But Us, we moved mountains, But Us, we conquered the impossible

And, Well… Us, our hearts were nowhere near detachable

but mine was…….

I was never the man you thought I was, I was never the man you thought I could be,

I was never the man of your dreams or the man you think about before you went to sleep

I couldn’t be him….

I was damaged goods since the first day we met

My heart filled  with pain, rage, sorrow, and filled with regret

Not of you  or me, the past deceit, lies, trust, and crimes

I was out of my mind, no, I think I was losing my mind

You tried to help, but it wasn’t your fight to fight

I could never come down because the Price was never Right

You are a true angel, beautiful wings that soar so high

But Me, reminiscing of memories is my way of keeping you alive…………………..

Written By: Christopher Cooper

Christopher Cooper is a Blytheville native and a current law student at the University of Arkansas. Hehas been writing poems since the 7th Grade. He stated, " I love to write poems and being able to evokeemotions, heal a heart, give hope, or place a smile on someone face." Christopher is also the 
President of Supercede Management, LLC. Supercede Management is a management company that manages 
entertainment artists (all genres) and focuses on career development, while ensuing their artists willhave a productive career during and after their retirement. You can check out one of their rising 
artists, JordanL at www.jordanlmusic.com


March 2014





























November 2013

Next up is the talented Andrew Tyree! He is a poet and actor and a part of the group Fiveology! Check out his skills as he performs a piece called Good Guys…

@AndrewTyree on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler
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Actor, poet.. 

Acting reel 

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


July/August 2013

She called me “Mustard Seed”

Who am I? She called me mustard seed!

Who is she?

I call her Gods faithful planter.

Knowing what this seed need.

See, she knew the obstructions for this seed to grow were uncermountable-

but she followed instructions to hold her faith accountable.

So through wind, fire & water she took the seed of her daughter-

and used her shovel of hope & dug.

Used her glove of love to place me firm & her soil of prayer to cover me.

She called me mustard seed because she knew how easy it was for the world to disregard me.

You can very well just overlook me.

After all, it is one of the tiniest of seeds-

but she knew what this seed needs.

All I wanted was a chance to show the world my worth.

Smothered, cloaked & shadowed at birth. Must have sun-

bring on the rain, all in Gods plan to raise the grain.

The sun was her embraces- the rain was that belt, if only she realized how very blessed I felt.

Of course she knew-

because she was Gods faithful planter.

That’s why she called me mustard seed.

And when I started to grow she used the holy word to trim me and keep me in line,

knowing my purpose and use in good time.

Didn’t matter if I was bitter with doubt- hallelujah she would shout!

She said bitterness can become a needed flavor with the lords favor.

Just keep growing my mustard seed.

You show the world in due time Gods grace is sufficient,

my faith will not lye in vain.

You Are Loved Child….

Written By: Arrick Foster

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


May 2013

Featured poet of the month Brittany Soul has been cast in a few plays, and has co-written a couple as well including: Is that Man your Husband? Phase 3 with Ms. Michelle & DNA.  She’s done spoken word events at the Palms Resort here in Las Vegas at The Vegas Poetry Lounge. House of Blues at Mandalay Bay, and at Rok Vegas at New York New York

She’s opened for Mali Music in Las Vegas, has been featured on several albums such as: Ruyonga (Christian Hip Hop Artist), C.O.P (Hip Hop Christian Artist), and she is presently working on her own CD & poetry book.

Watch this YouTube clip of Brittany Soul as she performs a piece called  Keeping Myself Pure




April 2013


I have known tombs
Dark, cavernous, water-deprived, silent
Tombs. I have buried my soul
Deep within these tombs.

But I have had enough of tombs,
Thus I resurrect myself,
Rolling the rock away from once-padded doors
like Jesus calling
Lazarus forth.

Looking back,
I realize the cocoon
Of locked rooms
Is a crouching dragon
Behind layers
Of me.

I will be visible
Loved trusted esteemed caressed, yes.
So when I look in the mirror
I’ll greet the trinity of
Me, myself and I—
The Ubiquitous Us.

I bow not to the twin gnomes, Abuse and Lies.
Behind the veil of
Self trust, I rise.
The layers of others’ approval
I peel away in
Peals of self-loving laughter.

In the rear of one tomb, I
Reach back for my Little Girl’s
Pet her cheeks
And brush neglect from her

I embrace her, walk her to the Light.
Outside our room
I kneel before her scuffed
Cardboard-filled shoes.

Confused, she squints
Rubs memory from her
Watery with scenes of
Being pushed aside
Looked over
Passed down
Given up
Left behind.

I teach her not to blame.
I teach her to cheerlead self.
I teach her every goal is within her reach.

“Don’t run,”
I tell her.
“When you are shown love, walk.
Don’t deny yourself, my dove, you
Deserve manna pouring
From the sky,
For there will be those
Who try
To sabotage your joy.
Push the boulder of faith
Knowing you mistreat
When you demand from others
What they cannot

Little Girl understood,
Sat upon the rock
Beside me
While we soaked in
The sunset,
Resurrected us two,
Written By: Author, Writer & Poet Claudia Moss




*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


December 2012


Tortured twists and Bewildering turns,

This Maze of Destiny, like fire does burn.

Unforeseen blessings, Moments of joy,

Beauty and Despair…the pawns of Her ploy?

Destiny is Character, is God, is Chance?

The Ending encoded or happenstance?

Struggling to find the Way,

Our Path remains obtuse,

Moral compass of limited use.

Choice is obscure,

We walk by Faith, by Love, by Fear.

Lessons to learn in this Grand Design.

History to walk,

Mountains to climb,

A Universal Puzzle of Space and Time.

The Path lit by confusion,

Frustrated Sojourners led by illusion.

Blue Prints obscured in Ancient Code.

Hearts try to translate,

Minds flex as we fuss,

Intuition implores us to trust.

Holy Books preach,

Religions map out a route,

But the Folly of Men enshrouds us in Doubt.

Our Spirit as Guide, we trek through the pain,

Abandoning ignorance, as wisdom we gain.

The Final destination many say they can see:

Destined for Bondage or Saved and Set Free?

I know for certain I’ve been here before,

On a night like tonight, on the very first floor.

Around the next corner, will I encounter the Door?

The most puzzling enigma we are meant to explore:

Only after our Exit from the Maze can its meaning be accounted for.

So, we continue trudging dimly through Knowledge and Grace,

By trial and error, we create a Map to the Divine Resting Place.

But the irony of Destiny, is everyone reaches the final Race.

No matter how cruel or loving their Pace.

For as we all entered into this Maze,

We will all exit one day, to our Maker to face.

Written By: Sara Gabriella –Writer, Actress, Model

You can check her website out @ http://saragabriella.com/

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


November 2012

2b or not 2b (y does it matter)

could you recognize “normal”

if it wasn’t introduced to you?

and who r u the ‘the other person’

to gauge when it begins and where it

should end?

how did ‘normal’ become a tradition?

to cause me to question my characteristic


i am who i am…

with many faults and great factors.

but your focus is on “that’s not normal”

*y does that matter?* (smh)

to live in a world – much less even a house

freeing ‘my’ normalcy

& ignoring your turned up mouths

well burn me at the stake

& ostracize me if u must

but i’m on the road to “individuality or bust”

Written By: Poet Skinimin

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


This Poem is written by a teen poet. It shows that no matter how young you are, everyone experiences love.  Enjoy!

God Made You for Me
When God created you

He had me in mind

He knew for a fact that a good woman is hard to find.

When God created you

He established a beautiful design,

a prototype that would soon have our heart & soul intertwined.

I knew from the moment I met you

that you’d mend my broken heart.

I  knew that you’d challenge my mind

in addition to healing my  painful scars.

I knew we’d end up holding each other

and laughing at every little thing over the phone,

a reminder from God that I will never be alone.

I feel a sense of chemistry with you,

it’s a vibe that I can’t seem to describe.

The fire ignites inside my soul when I’m with you,

a feeling I can no longer hide.

You treat me like I’m perfect, despite my flaws

You’re always there whenever I call.

I thank you for being the queen you are, indeed

Again, when God created you, He made you for me.
Written By: Poet Malcolm

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


October 2012


The sweet sound of your voice

The gentle touch of your hand

The electrifying kiss of your lips

The intensity of your strong embrace


The depth of your thought

The light in your spirit

The joy in your smile

The peace in your eyes


For all that you are

and all you have become in my life

I spend each day waiting, seeking, searching

to be with you again


Written By: Calidiva

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


September 2012

Just A Reminder

This is not a poem more of a reminder that you're awesome, 
but somewhere along the line your perception was shifted 
now it's me that you can't stand.
I am just an indication that no matter how long you stand in front of me 
you're still inadequate to magazines 
your idea of beauty is in the beholder 
of whoever is at the top of your playlist, 
comparing yourself to a dime is what you settle for 
so pregnant with whispers of boys that seep venom into your womb, 
you can't even conceive the truth.
I am just a gesture that no matter how many lashes you put on 
no matter how much mascara you smear across them 
they still won't amount to the lashes HE bore for you.
I'm a hint that no matter how much you think your six inch heels hurt 
its nothing compared to having a needle forced through them. 
I am the voice in the back of your head 
letting you know that makeup can only conceal so much, 
instead of eyeliner you need to align yourself, 
you can only let the shadows hide your eyes for so long 
before HE lets HIS light shine through.

By: Krystal (Kryssy) McCoy

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


August 2012


Everything heaven promised
And earth cannot find
Transcending beyond every scar I can find
Within Me
Into Me
Energy , like the supreme being but slightly lower
It’s Him
Blind vision
Great vision
I eat his thoughts
Live off his words
Embrace his soul
My reason
Simply Him

Written By Poet and Radio Personality on Jackson Truth Radio : Toyia Parker

You can follow her on twitter @followtoyia

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


May 2012

You Are

You are a walking miracle,
You are everything a woman should be,
You are the reason I sleep so peacefully at night,
Girl don’t every leave me,

Baby girl YOU ARE,
You are very special,
You are a rose drifting among the sea,
You are my heart hidden melody,
I think God heaven has brought you to me,

Lay here don’t you go nowhere,
Let me fix you something to eat,
Let me massage your mind,
Feed you grape while we drink the finest wine,
And let’s make love until we both fall to sleep,

Baby girl YOU ARE,
You are very special,
You are a rose drifting among the sea,
You are my heart hidden melody,
I think God that heaven has brought you to me,

Hello to all the good times,

Goodbye to the lonely nights and misery,
You are the reason the sunshine
We agreed to give love a try,
In my arms is the place to be,

Baby girl YOU ARE,
You are very special,
You are a rose drifting among the sea,
You are my heart hidden melody,
I thank God that heaven has brought you to me,
Girl it’s ok,
Dry your eyes the rainy days are over,
You no longer have to look over your shoulder,
For I’m not going nowhere,

Written By Marcus Webb
© Marcus Webb
All Rights Reserved

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


April 2012

What Could Have Been

Bitter sweet resonates through my mind

Since you disappeared from me

You wrote me sweet words

Stroked my mind ever so gently

Sent my spirits aloft with verbal penetration

Now who will reconstruct my dilapidated heart

And rescue me; you unkindly woke me

In the middle of finishing my dream

Can I master a game

That I never played

I’ve ran scenarios through my mind

One million and a half times and out of all those thoughts

Never once did I imagine loss or losing you

Disappointment gave way to doubt

Doubt pushed me into confusion

Confusion suffocated trust and without trust

There is nothing but fond memories of us

So if I am condemned to a mere memory

Let it serve as remembrance of what could have been

If you and I were so blessed to have never known our end.

Written By: A.S. Bailey

copyright 2011

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


March 2012

True Love

Thinking bout’ that in which I think about and in pondering mine own thoughts momentarily, I am cautioned incredibly so in careful complicated consideration of concluding otherwise, and rightly justified for no meager explanation would justly suffice as to why, for in the depths of the thinking man’s mind does a question that has sho’ nuff’ riddled the ages of all times appear sighted full circle… I’ve come to find, time would reveal time and time again, and the uncertainty is… Where and exactly when did we go wrong?… and with the slight of hand at the master’s command we will before long, understand it mo’ better by and by…

By and by Lord when the morning comes with all Gods saints gathered and assembled coming together as one… and of all of the possibilities of messengers to reach the message to man of every birth with the answer sweet Jesus gave the key… far from heaven sent comes now Sinn’s very own son, none the less he shall remain Anonymous?.

To tell the story of how it came over into vivid fruition, to tell how plagued we are by a contagious sickness with no definition or medical terminology giving elucidation of the symptoms for urgent care and I’m talkin’ with the quickness. Checking in into St. Elsewhere the victims sittin’ spiritually contaminated from utter abominable malpractice and exposure to no immediate medical attention just left there to die I can’t lie.

Surely sore and furthermore illin’, diagnosis 123 and 4 success less in the race to find a cure aspiring to relinquish this gut feelin’ yet and still insufficient in the area of the proper prognosis even with the use of the latest diagnostic method in determining the exact cause, cough,  pause… of an aching ailing, seemingly incurable illness… Life does no longer love and people are cruel unloving and the scenery no longer lovely, but God don’t like ugly, it was written.

My Lord, my Lord here I am and to thee I stand without stretched hands as a weary feeble man at thy throne of grace once more and again, in the need of answers I am and I don’t mean to bother…but…

Father my brothers and sisters in which you have loved so dearly are sick, and are in dire need of deliverance from an afflicting affliction, for they still have not yet learned to love ye one another as you have loved them.

Now tell me how is it now then that they boast out loud, even heard from the mouth of babes of loving you in whom they have never ever seen or even heard, proclaiming to believe and stand on his word and in the greatness of the master architect and carpenters work yet they have not witness the craftsmanship of this slick crafty craftsman at his finest, for it was from dirt of the earth that G made man I’m reminded.

And I’ve learned how still bound by the bindings of the world man still is, found heeding to the false calls of pretend Shepherd’s voices echoing all over everywhere that once got lost in translation in the midst of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the perfect explanation, as to why the sheep still can’t find their way, but I just can’t seem to understand boss the other hand I gotta say.

Because if all this be true why is it on the other hand brother. Brother, in whom he sees daily, he in truth covets envy’s and hates. With pre meditated intentions to spitefully misuse until he become almost used all up. When does enough become enough sir, this brutal abuse I declare got me feelin’ I can’t go on no further? So I just gotta throw up my hands in demand of an answer.

And it came to pass across time to I intriguing sometimes, but ride the waves of my mind and see things in a fine brand new light, in spite what you might by now have concluded as my untold truths.

The truth is the light and the truth shall set you phree victory indeed in the eye of the beholder lo’ and behold, trust and believe the truth now in the grasp of the “who so ever’s”, who so ever that believes whole heartedly… on HIM are healed and only these them shall no longer perish but gain life eternal for God so loved the world. It is written.

I’m a try and say it slick mean like a young Rev. Al Green I’m talkin’ bout love. Love… a word that comes and goes yo’ 4 sho’ but few people really know folks what it means to truly, truly, and I do mean truly… love somebody just to be frank Kirkland that is. Love so many people use your name in vain and those who have faith in you sometimes go astray

Oooh I’d love to love somebody alright lovely like love thy neighbor as thyself right, but thyself don’t know thy neighbor that well and as you can probably already tell as  well, that there ain’t no love lost neither here nor over there, and just as well whosoever believeth that thy neighbor is synonymous with the communion held with thy self and the occupants adjacent from the homestead anyway makes one sadly mistaken taken in what is readily known on the bibliographical characterizations of the word and its spiritual derivation rooted… disputin’ contrary theory and any other of a number of pre conceived notions posted like a posted in the back of the untrained mind that has been utilized as the point of focus for ions without a shadow of a doubt… verily I say unto thee no help or hope for the hopin’ hopeless it don’t seem to be, no less I press my way until we meet again at an understanding.

Love…I know love, the wise say it’s better to have loved than to never love at all, but ya’ll I stand to bear witness that there is no greater love, no greater love than of a man who’d lay down his life and give up the ghost for friendship, for I know that mostly all church folks are outwardly pleasant and friendly, but deep down dirty they ain’t always your friend but to deliver us from evil his highness loving kindness stepped in impeccably timely and he loved me better. He loved me mo’ better than my brethrens so-called brotherly love did, true love right down to the letter.

Righting in the mind of me the wrongs taught by observance of religious tradition. Years of religion, systematic practice of 6 day sinnin’ slash Sunday shoutin’ and sainted showmanship  with repentance represented by the lack there of.

But what I’m talkin’ bout’ is True Love, patient love, kind love, a love that can only come from a intensely intense intimate adoring admiration relationship real friendship trip. All expense paid in blood love, the ultimate love to conquer all, and to him the bounty on my soul was worth the price of the life of a lowly and mild sacrificial lamb and all to him I owe. I love him for he heard my cry a pitied my groans. Yet to him it wasn’t the thrill of the kill I’m told but the pace of the chase for the race is not given to the swift, but to those who endure to the end, and it came to pass as the night drew nigh round about the 3rd hour on the 5th day a feelin’ that I just can’t turn a loose and nothing can compare to this feeling that I have. The world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away for up above my head I hear music in the air, accompanying alongside a new hope of a God somewhere who loves me so this I know for my heart declares his name…

There is a name I love to hear I love to sing his praise.

It sounds like music in my ear the sweetest name on earth.

Oh, how I love Jesus… Oh how I love Jesus, Oh how I love Jesus… Because He first loved me.

Written By: A.P.

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


January 2012

Internal Bleeding

How can you cry when you have been bread to shed no tears?

Keep the doors closed, disregard emotion

and walk with no fear.

My house has no windows and appears to be made of stone,

but if you look closely

there are cracks where you can see a glimpse to a place that is never shown.

Inside this house you will find many things,

love, loyalty and respect burned into the walls with a color that resembles over cooked

onion rings.

The alarm clock isn’t noisy or loud,

but wakes me up to a more familiar sound, “forgiveness”

when I rise and when I rest,

even when unplugged the sound can still be heard throughout the halls,

so for now this tone works best.

As I try to digest

the pain, emotion fills my cup like puddles when it rains.

JaNoy -Poet, trainer, entrepreneur

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


November 2011

The Parallel Marriage

First there was God and Man-

And God said lets make man in our own image, according to our own likeness;

And with one breath, not just any breath but one that was filled with respect, freedom, trust, affection and a love so deep the world will never understand,

And His bride was born.

A marriage now formed from heaven between the two for an eternity,

A vow given!

A vow of protection, to protect in the stormiest of weathers,

To protect from all dangers, enemies and harm

For the Sheppard her husband watches over her.

A vow to provide and a vow of rest,

A promise to restore her soul!

By a gentle nudge, or by a whisper of his voice he guides her to righteousness

He said she should never fear because his arms are wrapped around her and there she should find comfort and security.

His regards for her are higher than any other, no one can take her place

He anoints her head for fullness, for as long as she is his bride there will always be abundance of goodness and love,

And they will dwell together forever.

He know her thoughts, He knows her weakness, He knows her strengths

The intimacy they share can only be known by them

As he wraps her in his love, and covers her in his grace

All the blemishes, spots and wrinkles seem to fade.

Because of the love so great He has for her, He humbled himself even onto death

Though she knows the truth about her past, her wrongs and the mistakes she has made

And will never see herself as perfect

He will always gaze upon her beauty, for He is her salvation!

And then there was Man and Woman-

Will you honor, respect, trust and obey?

Do you vow to protect, lead, and provide

Just as Christ did for His bride?

Will you restore me in the time of weakness?

Will you let me rest when I’m tired and worn?

Will you gently remind me of our love and guide me through the valleys to come

Will you wrap me safely in your arms and keep me safe from harm?

Will you belong to me only and not replace me with another

Can I count on you to pray for me in my time of weakness?

Will you acknowledge my strengths?

Will you be able to reassure me, so when I feel unsure my blemishes, spots and wrinkles will fade away?

And though I’m not perfect will you still gaze upon my beauty

And know that I am your bride?

If you have answered yes to these questions, you have just vowed to love me as God loves his bride (the church)

And I now vow to love, honor, respect, and submit you as my husband

The head of my household

For I am a woman who fears the Lord

For I do not want to do noble things but surpass them

I shall not bring shame to your name

My arms have been prepared and are strong for the task at hand

The Lord our God has clothed me with strength and dignity

Strength for our family as I watch over the affairs of our household

And dignity that will bring respect to you in your land

I pray that you will have confidence in me, bless me and see me as blessed

For without God we are nothing!

What God has put together let no man put asunder.

By: Elisa Wood 

Check out her blog at http://restministries.blogspot.com/

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


Sincerely Yours

Dear you,

It’s been forever since I’ve written and I hope that by the time, my thoughts reach your mind, all is fine and I find you abundantly blessed. I guess what I’m trying to say is hello none-the-less.

It was just the other day or so you where in my day dream this mystical mistress, this damsel in distress called out for a knight to save you and I became the deepest darkest night in sight in spite what came after dusk and I saved dear you.

And while riding off into the sunset the sun set on our short journey.

As the world kept turning round and round the gravity slowly pulled us apart weighing me down to the ground, and somehow… signals got crossed… and barriers began to erect themselves… and obstacles became more difficult… and it seemed as if no light would ever join darkness in balance. Loving you wasn’t the issue rather I was challenged more so by the male ego caught up in superficial.

Then BANG… as quick as the blink, before the second, during possibly the last minute of my miserable life, I see it all.

Everything… right before my eyes my whole video exposed in the blink… of a…you know… I try to deny what occurred over time. What we set out to build, I destroyed and I didn’t know exactly why. Why, why, why I was so displaced, you know body from soul that I became bitter and heartless; a faceless waste of precious space, but that’s not the purpose nor is it the intention, of this non fiction ascription amid my memories, memorized multiple times of Sincerely Yours.

I mean when I was sincerely yours you inspired me and after turning over every stone I found my everything in you.

All of my… hopes and dreams, my finer thing, a life for me, in the midst of my misery. You understand me, you showed me plenty, my best friend we… simply made mo better music together than apart.

Joy in sorrow, my lost love from a past life time became a brand new hope for tomorrow back when I was sincerely yours.

Since the day you entered my life I’ve believed I could fly.

Our natural so high that we didn’t walk streets paved with gold rather walking on cloud number 9 we glide across and you hold me tight, my head scraping the sky and I knew right then, that this is how love is supposed to be… but life…

Life is always changing, constant re-arranging, but nothin’ ever changes with you.

Though all the many places, filled with many different faces, still my most favorite face is… you.

I guess, if I know better, I better learn to love you better, talkin sweet to the letter, because for now and furthermore forever I am and will always be…If I know better…

Sincerely Yours, A.P.

Written By: Poet and Spoken Word Artist, A.P.

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


April 2011

lest we forget 

for people who have forgotten their humanity when the pursuit of divinity is enough…

how can you exist? call yourselves CHRISTians and forget your humanity?

when the HIM that is in you never abandoned HIS?

do you understand CHRIST resurrected in the same body HE was crucified in?

that means HE rose in the same body HE died in

CHRIST ascended butdidn’t leave HIS body behind HIM

HE is human in the same body HE is divine in

i urge you to be scholarly but biblically for 37 seconds and consider colossians chapter 2 verse 9  — “for in HIM all the fullness of deity dwells in bodily form”. . .

it dwells not dwelled— dwells as in presently not dwelled as in past—do the math

colossians was well written well after the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension

do you understand? there two natures in one CHRIST

HIS humanity and divinity, HIS human nature and spirituality

both exist in HIS glorified anatomy—now i dare you to get mad at me and act as if i’m telling you something new when ancient texts have already told you

hebrews 6 mentions this “JESUS has entered as a forerunner for us having become a high priest forever. . .” now a spirit alone cannot be a priest so CHRIST without humanity means priesthood has ceased

and consider what HIS priesthood means to us—“forerunner” means HE forever intercedes for us

do you understand that JESUS is fully divine and fully man! and like divine poetry HE was THE WORD who was GOD and was with GOD and became flesh and lived—truly lived—just to die so that we could live and not truly die—do you understand?!

or maybe you don’t—maybe you’re confused—maybe you look to the pulpit from pews asking how can CHRIST exist in heaven as both human and divine if flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of GOD?

but i urge you once again to be scholarly but biblically for 37 seconds and consider luke chapter 24 verse 39 around the time CHRIST resurrected from the tomb having still retained the wounds of HIS crucifixion said to HIS disciples “behold MY hands and MY feet, that it is i MYSELF. handle ME and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see i have.”

do you understand?

HE was not spirit alone but flesh and bones not flesh and blood because there was no more in HIM—HE shed it all for us, bled it all for us, every last drop for us, shed it all on the cross for us until there was nothing left but flesh and bones and divinity.

So how can you exist call yourself CHRISTians and forget your humanity when the HIM that is in you never abandoned HIS?

i urge to live more than 37 seconds—live instead of living in a society who denies humanity for the pursuit of piety

do you understand?

humanity is not a metaphor for our flesh and its propensity to sin? humanity is the translation of all the things CHRIST felt and feels in the same flesh we are in

we have forgotten our humanity, we have forgotten that CHRIST wept, HE was tempted, HE feared but then prayed and overcame, HE worshipped, HE grew in wisdom, HE was misunderstood, HE enjoyed the company of his friends, HE celebrated, HE helped, HE got tired, HE thought HE labored, and HE loved–we have forgotten

and choose not to lean on HIM when HE felt and feels what we do

so i urge to exist more than 37 seconds—exist—call yourselves CHRISTians and never forget yours or mine or CHRIST’S humanity

this is for people who have forgotten their humanity when the pursuit of divinity is enough. . .this is for us

Written By: Shayla Love-poet, and actress

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


April 2010

Moving Mountains

My life shifted in ways I couldn’t imagine and could not see
He moved a mountain, but all I saw was the wavering of a tree
I lacked the faith of even a mustard seed
I didn’t know, didn’t acknowledge or didn’t really believe
How could He be so great, but all the while go unseen
Conceived me in His image, He said greater is in me
Pushed around by life until I decided to let Him lead
Gave birth to all the drama, sin and greed
Don’t think I’m better than you, just trying to be better than me
I’m under construction, rebuilt from the ground
I can appreciate the stronger foundation that I have found
Thought I was laid off, but it was just a change in atmosphere
In another place he decided to leave, so my open door was near
I count it all Glory, now that I can see
The Lord does move mountains; He definitely did it for me
I bought his dream and chased it for ten too many years
All the tissue in the world could not dry up all the tears
Holding onto nothing, in exchange for my fears
A losing battle, but fought my way for a little hope and cheer
I AM was working behind the scenes, for what my eyes weren’t ready to see
My future was His present until I was ready to be free
Ok, I see…
I thank the Lord for moving these mountains for me.

Tina Adkins A.K.A So Real
Check out her site at http://www.sorealmc.com/

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


March 2010

Daughter  –

I am the daughter of a woman so strong

she wants to give up, but she keeps pressing on.

I am the daughter of a woman so brave,

taking so many chances before she hits the grave.

I am the the daughter of a woman so smart

she knows what I am thinking right from the start.

I am the daughter of a woman so fly

she’s not afraid to yell her praises to the sky.

And I am the daughter of God’s great creation,

and I’ll pass on the message to each generation.

Written By: Poet and writer K. Leshae

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


November 2008

Time Wasters

In all the time we waste

A life could be saved,

A murderer could be found,

World hunger could end,

But we are time wasters

of the worst kind.

Think of now and not then.

Think of others not you.

Open a door to a world of peace.

Keep your time

Because in the end

When time is at its end

All that unwasted time

Is truly a miracle.

Written By: Poet, and writer K. Leshae

*Permission has been granted by the artist to display their work


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