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For you all that know me, you know that I express myself through creative writing. For you all that didn’t know…SURPRISE!

I’ve created a site that will allow my friends, family and other creative minds who may be interested to view my work.

As of November 2010 An Howard Publishing is an official company!  We are creative writing and editing consultants who can help you if you are a: inspiring or established author, blogger, a student, professor, business owner, organization, or simply someone who wrote something and would like a second pair of eyes to look over it.  Please visit my “Business Page” tab or email me @anhowardpub@gmail.com or call 1-888-886-2055 to schedule a free consultation.

In Other Great News: An Howard has  been added to the B.O.S.S. E-Magazine team since 2013 as a contributing editor and occasionally when I have time to jot some things down, I am a contributing writer as well. Whoo hoo! This has been huge and I’m grateful to be a part of a dynamic team for an educational magazine for minority youth. You can purchase a year subscription or just the month you enjoyed of B.O.S.S. @ http://www.boss-emag.com/ . You may also visit one of the 150 Barnes and Noble bookstore locations that carry the magazine.

Intro Poem To Site…

Pieces of My Mind

Let me let you into a piece of my mind,
This you will find
Truly amazing,
As my thoughts are racing,
And ideas are constantly pacing,
Back and forth,
Like a person that is nervous…
Don’t I deserve this?
I mean my own page,
I can’t even gage how far this may take me,
But will it make me?
Nah, I doubt it…
As I shout out a piece of my mind,
Most of its kind, and other thoughts are just me unwinding,
Trying to breath,
As I ease into my writing,
Giving you a piece of me,
Just a thought or three…
Ideas formed, a woman scorned,
But never torn,
Found Jesus then reborn.
Like puzzle pieces scattered,
A broken mirror shattered,
The pieces of my mind are tattered,
But definitely one of a kind.
So sit back and read the pieces of my mind.

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